Sensor Observatory Curation

Dendra is a cyberinfrastructure project for real-time sensor data storage, retrieval, management, and curation. It is a cloud-based, multi-organizational system, designed to support massive permanent monitoring efforts. The name is derived from dendritic networks, such as river networks or tree roots. Environmental monitoring performs in a similar manner, pulling data from the earth’s surface to a single location.

Data hosted on Dendra

UC Natural Reserve System

The UC Natural Reserve System is a network of protected natural areas throughout California used for monitoring, education, and research. As part of a climate change monitoring grant, each reserve has a weather station on site.

Eel River CZO

The Eel River Critical Zone Observatory, based in Northern California, is rooted in intensive field monitoring in the critical zone, which follows watershed currencies through a subsurface physical environment and microbial ecosystem of the critical zone into the terrestrial ecosystem, up into the atmosphere, and out through drainage networks to the coastal ocean. Please note: website is currently under development


Dendra is an open source project. All code can be found on GitHub. Please feel free to report any bugs, feature requests, or issues in the Issues repository.

We have a full API for querying and downloading data with API documentation available.


During our rollout, we may need to take Dendra offline for software upgrades and testing. Our regularly scheduled maintenance window is from 8 PM to 10 PM PST daily.


This project has been funded in collaboration by the National Science Foundation funded Eel River CZO, State funded UCNRS, and Moore Foundation funded California Heartbeat Initiative.